Buenos Aires, Argentinië

The capital of the Argentine Republic, the name means fair winds. It is one of the largest cities in Latin America, with a lot of cultural offerings, and is the point of departure for travelling to the rest of the country. Buenos Aires is a singular, open, and integrating destination that allows the visitor not only to view the city but also to have an exceptional urban adventure.

About the City

The city is geographically contained inside the province of Buenos Aires, but it is politically autonomous. The city extends on a plain covering 19.4 km (12 mi) from north to south and 17.9 km (11 mi) from east to west. Buenos Aires constantly receives tourists from all over the world and offers a large choice of cultural events, nightlife, restaurants, and pubs. So you can expect good services and a wide range of options.


Voel jij ook die continue reishonger? Ondanks de drang nieuwe plekken te ontdekken en nieuwe mensen te ontmoeten, ben ik graag zuinig op onze aardbol en fan van duurzaam toerisme. Ik deel graag mijn ervaringen met je!